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The Sontaran Experiment (airdate November 27, 1983)

[cut off on available copy; spoken over opening titles] ...standing by. You still have time to call us.

(end credits fade from Ian Marter's credit to announcer, alone on pledge set)

Ordinarily when I work on Sunday nights, I would read-- I would tell you about next week's program over the closing credits, but I figured since I'm here, I'll... just do it here. If Variety,the show-business newspaper, were to headline next week's Doctor Whoadventure, it might read something like this: "Davros the Kaled Makes Daleks on Skaros" [sic]. If you'd like to watch the process... and the results, be with us for "Genesis of the Daleks," a landmark adventure, next Sunday night at 11. But don't go away now; we're not finished with Doctor Who. As a matter of fact, we have five of them coming up for you, five-- the original and four regenerations, in just a couple of minutes.

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