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The Android Invasion (airdate January 15, 1984)

Intro: The Germans call it a doppelganger, and it is said that everyone has one. It might prove disconcerting to meet one's double. It would be mind-boggling to meet a whole convention of them, your own and everyone else's, too. Fortunately, Time Lords are not easily boggled, although they have been known to be moderately surprised. You may be, too, as you realize the implications of "The Android Invasion."

"Next Week": We have all heard the expression "brainless idiot." But few of us, I wager, have heard the phrase "bodiless genius." That is the appellation that applies to Morbius. Or more correctly, "bodiless evilgenius." The quondam Time Lord's grey matter repines in a bowl full of the elixir of life [!]. Journey with us to the planet Karn, next Sunday night at 11, and view for yourself "The Brain of Morbius."

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