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The Talons of Weng-Chiang (airdates March 18 & 25, 1984)

(No Part 1 Intro or "Next Week")

Part 2 Intro: The bill at the Palace Theatre tonight is topped by the brilliant Chinese illusionist Li H'sen Chang... and his dummy, Mr. Sin. Their paths will cross the Doctor's and Leela's, as will that of the warped fifty-first century criminal Magnus Greel and... a ten-foot rat. Taken as a whole, I should say it presages an interesting evening.

Part 2 "Next Week": Next week, the Doctor and Leela will look into the mystery of the light that failed, the lighthouse at Fang Rock. It wasn't shot out by a kid with a BB gun. No, something more sophisticated than that: the minion of an alien battlefleet in deep space, intent on using the Earth as a battleground. Join us next Sunday night at 11 and witness... the "Horror of Fang Rock."

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