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The Invasion of Time (airdates March 19 & 26, 1983)

(No Introductions)

Part 1 "Next Week": Such strange invaders are the Vardans. There are some menaces that just can't be dealt with in a day. Consequently, this is a two-part adventure, and the finale will be seen next Saturday morning at 9. Be with us then for the conclusion of "Invasion of Time."

Part 2 "Next Week": This program concludes the series of adventures in which the Doctor is assisted by Leela. One of the few forces of the universe that the Doctor has never had to deal with is the IRS, because Time Lords on Gallifrey are not required to file income tax returns. But for the benefit of our viewers who must, next Saturday at 9, we'll present a two-hour special in which the most current tax laws, forms, and issues will be explained and discussed. Then, two weeks from today, join us when Summer Campreturns to our Saturday morning lineup with The Claw Monsters,a feature from the '50s. Doctor Whoprograms will continue to be seen on Sunday nights at 11.

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