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The Pirate Planet (airdate June 10, 1984)

Intro: The time is out of joint, the heavens untune, and undoubtedly, the Black Guardian is the culprit, for even your announcer was caught unawares, and the third Key to Time was procured by the Doctor before the second! That will be remedied this night, in a belated journey to... "The Pirate Planet."

"Next Week": The second Key now obtained, following the third's acquisition last week, next week's goal is the fourth. And Whoites, who accept chronological dislocations with equanimity, will adapt with the easy grace that is the hallmark of the cognoscenti. So join us next Sunday night at 11, when the Doctor decides to take a rest, and allow Romana to find the fourth Key on her own as she journeys to the pleasant and peaceful planet of Tara.

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