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The Armageddon Factor (airdates July 1 & 8, 1984)

Part 1 Intro: [cut off on available recording] ...Bible tells us that Armageddon is where good and evil shall meet in the ultimate battle. If and when that final conflict occurs, it will undoubtedly be continuous. We have no such compunction concerning the continuity of our Doctor Whoadventures. If we feel the length of the presentation might intrude upon your beauty sleep, thus rendering you less than fit to face the new day Monday morning, we act, firmly, in your interest. Thus, tonight, "The Armageddon Factor"... Part One.

Part 1 "Next Week": Will the Doctor be able to avert the ultimate catastrophe? Perhaps, with a little help from his friends. But to be on the safe side, we urge your appearance at this location next Sunday night at 11. Perhaps your moral support will help... when together, we face... Part Two of "The Armageddon Factor."

Part 2 Intro: Have the Doctor and Romana come this close to obtaining the entire Key to Time only to lose it all? Andeverything else? Am I good at asking questions? In all candor, yes. But I am loath to answer them. One would be presumptuous to speculate on the outcome of the ultimate battle between good and evil. So let us together witness Part Two of... "The Armageddon Factor."

Part 2 "Next Week": Next week, the Doctor and Romana, who will appear to have metamorphosized [sic], will encounter an old nemesis: the conscienceless, mean-spirited, fulminating race known as... the Daleks. One knows they are up to no good, but one will have to tune in next Sunday at 11 to determine what will be... the "Destiny of the Daleks."

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