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Full Circle (airdate September 2, 1984)

Intro: [cut off on available copy] ...Or the Martins and the McCoys. Or the Montagues and the Capulets. But those feuds were minor-league compared to what's been going on for thousands of years between... the Starliners and the marsh creatures. The Doctor and Romana will learn that strange things occur-- such as reading sports over weather --when the fog enshrouds Alzarius, as they come "Full Circle."

[Doctor Who was preceded by a Newswatch segment, where news, sports, and weather were read over caption slides. Evidently this week, they got either the slides or the script out of order.]

"Next Week": Next week, the Doctor and Romana will try to remain sanguine in the company of King Zargo and Queen Camilla. And their sang-froidwill be tested when they learn the secret of the royal pair and their counsellor, Aukon. Be with us next Sunday night at 11, if you dare, and witness "State of Decay."

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