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The Keeper of Traken (airdate April 3, 1983)

Intro: So benign is the atmosphere of Traken that it literally calcifies visiting evil creatures into statues. That's why it always places high on the intergalactic list of desirable places to live. It might, however, lose a few points tonight, as the allotted millennium of the current Keeper of Traken nears an end. Better stay tuned to WTTW Chicago before you decide to relocate.

"Next Week": Emotions will run high in the city of logic next week, and with good reason: the end of the universe appears to be at hand. And that isn't the only thing that appears to have run out of strength, providing, of course, the universe prevails. What or who is it? Join us next Sunday night at 11, when the Doctor journeys to... "Logopolis."

(Thanks to some creases in the tape, this "Next Week" announcement is the most garbled I have. I think I got most of it right, but I'm not at all sure about "out of strength.")

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