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Black Orchid (airdate May 22, 1983)

Intro: Flappers, a costume ball, and a killer on the loose. They add up to the first completely historical, non-sci-fi adventure in 16 years. Monstrous, you say? Monsterless, I say. But (Artie Johnson voice) veeery interesting... (normal voice) as we shall observe, with the unfolding of... the "Black Orchid," here on WTTW Chicago.

"Next Week": Who or what has ruthlessly slaughtered a group of 25th-century [short unintelligible word] paleontologists in an underground cave? Lt. Scott and the security force troopers set out to find the answer. But this is a job for... the Doctor. The tale will be told next Sunday night at 11. Be prepared for... "Earthshock."

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