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The Two Doctors (airdates April 13 & 20, 1986)

(Part 1 Intro not currently available)

Part 1 "Next Week": Though the resolution of this time dilemma is not in sight, our time has run its course for this night. The proper continuum may be entered next Sunday night at 11 in part two of "The Two Doctors."

Part 2 Intro: If the Doctor's former self dies, how does that affect his present self? And how can he avoid it? Did Captain Kirk ever have a problem like this? The answers to the first two questions are forthcoming in the conclusion of "The Two Doctors," next.

Part 2 "Next Week": One can't be too careful on Karfel, the planet where the Doctor and Peri will find themselves unwilling guests next week. The Doctor had been there in a previous regeneration, but there have been some changes made, and they promise to make things interesting, if not to say dicey. Be with us next Sunday at 11 for... "Timelash."

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