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Timelash (airdate April 27, 1986)

Intro: Tonight, we'll find out where Herb is. And before "Timelash" has run its course, whohe is. Unfortunately, we'll also meet Tekker and Borad. But what would a Time Lord's life be without villains, right...?

("Where Herb is" refers to a contemporary ad campaign. An earlier campaign had introduced the unseen Herb as the only person in America who has never eaten a Whopper. But he reformed and showed his face in the new ads, and if you happened to find Herb in your local Burger King, all sorts of celebratory hell would break loose. The result was that people stayed away from Burger King in droves!)

"Next Week": Next week, the Doctor and Peri travel to Necros, a planet where some people don't care wherethey get their protein. Be with us next Sunday evening at 11, and witness... the "Revelation of the Daleks."

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