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The Mind of Evil (airdates December 21 & 28, 1986)

Part 1 Intro: Did you ever want to give somebody a piece of your mind? After this night, you may feel differently... for this night, the Doctor encounters... "The Mind of Evil."

Part 1 "Next Week": What are these aliens up to? What mysteries lie in the area indicated by the blank space on the map? "The War Games" will continue, next Sunday night at 11:25.

[They replayed the "Next Week" for The War Games, pt.1 by accident!]

Part 2 Intro: (cut off on available copy) ...brilliant adversary confront each other once again, with the future of the Earth riding on the outcome... which we'll know in due time, in the conclusion of... "Mind of Evil."

Part 2 "Next Week": Three days ago, we said goodbye for a year to Santa Claus. Next week, we say hello for the night to Axos' claws. Be with us next Sunday night at 11, when the Doctor confronts... "The Claws of Axos."

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