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The Five Doctors (November 23, 1983)

(regular end theme in background throughout)

First Doctor: The TARDIS!

Susan: What's it doing here?

Announcer: Meet the Doctor. He's a wonderful chap... all of them!

First Doctor: Goodness me, so there are five of me now! (chuckles)

Second Doctor: Oh, dear.

Brigadier: Hm?

Second Doctor: We could be playing the Game of Rassilon at this very moment!

Third Doctor: I knew it, a trap!

Announcer: It's a very special Doctor Whoadventure when the original Doctor teams up with all four of his regenerations.

Romana: Doctor!

Fourth Doctor: Yes?

Romana: Shh! Hurry!

Fourth Doctor: Coming!

Announcer: Join the Doctors as they encounter Daleks, and Cybermen, and much more, in a real who's who.

Cyber-Leader: You will accompany us.

Fifth Doctor: Sorry, must dash.

Announcer: Celebrate twenty years with "The Five Doctors," Wednesday at 10:30.

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