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Colony in Space (airdates February 10 & 17, 1985)

Transcription by Michael Sliger

(Part 1 intro not currently available)

Part 1 "Next Week": Next week in the primitive city, the Doctor and we will have a look at the Doomsday Machine. It's an older model, but fully equipped and quite capable of carrying out its designers' intentions. Be with us next Sunday night at 11 for the conclusion of "Colony In Space."

Part 2 Intro: One would imagine the Guardian would repine in lonely splendor in the primitive city. One would be wrong. Many unexpected and uninvited guests are about to drop in. How they interact, and which prevail, will determine the future of the galaxy, as we shall observe in the conclusion of the "Colony In Space."

Part 2 "Next Week": It's been too long since we've had the pleasure of the company of The Doctor's most delightful adversaries. They're intelligent, suave, wonderful conversationalists, and possessed of great powers of reason. Also a wonderful sense of humor. Who else could I be referring to but the Daleks? Be with us next Sunday at 11 for the "Day of the Daleks."

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