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Colony in Space (airdates January 11 & 18, 1987)

Part 1 Intro: (cut off on available copy) ...goes "The cowman and the farmer should be friends." But how about... the colonists and the mineralogists? Well, that is a stickier wicket. And the Master's presence will do little to mitigate the situation that obtains in the "Colony in Space."

Part 1 "Next Week": The Doomsday Machine becomes the sinecure, and with good reason, implicit in its name. Who will gain control? Be with us next Sunday evening at 11 for the conclusion of... "Colony in Space."

Part 2 Intro: The Master is intent on seizing the Doomsday Machine. How can the Doctor stop him? What role will the Guardian play? I'll never tell. You'll have to stay tuned for the conclusion of "Colony in Space." But that's what you intended, wasn't it?

Part 2 "Next Week": Next week, a little Earthbound witchcraft as the Doctor finds he must deal with the Daemons, which the English insist on spelling with an additional "e," though they are sensible enough to pronounce it in the same way as we. Be with us next Sunday evening at 11.

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