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The Sea Devils (airdates February 15 & 22, 1987)

Part 1 Intro: (cut off on available copy) [How would] one revive a Sea Devil? It takes more than spirits of ammonia, or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, perish the thought. The Master knows, and is intent on implementing his plan. Enter... the Doctor, and the struggle to save humanity from... "The Sea Devils."

Part 1 "Next Week": Guards on one side, a minefield on another, a Sea Devil on the third, and on the fourth, the ocean. What is a poor Time Lord to do? We will be apprised next Sunday night at 11, in the conclusion of... "The Sea Devils."

Part 2 Intro: In short order, the Sea Devils will be summoned by the Master, setting in motion an incredible chain of events which will test the Doctor's ability, his talent, and his ingenuity. Stay tuned now for the conclusion of... "The Sea Devils."

Part 2 "Next Week": Next week, the Time Lords send the Doctor and Jo to the planet Solos to deliver a mysterious message to an unknown party. Be with us next Sunday evening at 11 for the astonishing meeting of Doctor Who and "The Mutants."

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