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Chicago premiere of Sylvester McCoy (December 25, 1988)

(opening theme in background throughout)

Announcer: Starting Sunday, December 25th, Channel 11 will take you on some all-new adventures in space.

Murray: ...technical difficulty.

Announcer: For the first time in Chicago, it's the very latest Doctor Whoadventures, starring Sylvester McCoy.

The Doctor: Ah! Thank goodness in this regeneration I've regained my impeccable sense of haute couture.

Announcer: He's up against some new villains...

Bin Liner: We're the Kangs-- Red Kangs!

Announcer: ...with a new assistant.

Mel: (screams) Help! Put me down! Oh! Oh!

The Doctor: Drop the melodramatics!

Announcer: In his newest regeneration, the intrepid Time Lord will soar to new heights!

The Doctor: Going up?

Announcer: So meet the new Doctor, December 25th!

(close of opening theme)

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