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The Time Monster (airdates March 15 & 22, 1987)

(no Part 1 or 2 Intro or "Next Week," but uniquely, a lengthy clip recap preceded Part 2)

Announcer: We Earthlings do not have the total recall of a Time Lord.

We do, however, have the imagination to produce

a synopsis of the first part of "The Time Monster" to refresh our inferior

memories, and to facilitate our appreciation of

Part Two of... "The Time Monster."

Master: Welcome! Welcome to your new master! (laughs maniacally)

Doctor: Jo! Jo!

Jo: Doctor!

Doctor: Jo!

Jo: Doctor, are you all right?

Doctor: Ohh... oh, I must have been dreaming.

Jo: I'll say you were! A real pippin of a dream!

Master: A simple piece of quartz, nothing more.

Ingram: But Professor Thascalus, that is ridiculous!

Master: Of course it is, Dr. Ingram, of course it is! You know, there is no means by which I could prove to you that that crystal is different from any other piece of quartz. And yet, it is unique.

Jo: Doctor... it's the Brigadier.

Doctor: Hello, Brigadier? It's the Doctor here. Now listen to me. I want you to put out a worldwide warning. Alert all your precious UNIT HQ's. Not that it'll do any good.

Brigadier: Thank you very much. And against what, precisely, am I supposed to be warning the world?

Doctor: The Master. I've just seen him.

Brigadier: Seen him? Where? When?

Doctor: Uh, in a dream. (pause) Not half an hour ago!

Master: Come here. Closer. Now look into my eyes. There is nothing to worry about. Everything will be all right if you just obey me. Just obey me.

Cook: Obey. I must obey. Everything will be all right.

Doctor: The Crystal of Kronos! So I amright!

Ingram: Kronos? Well, that's what Stuart said! But Doctor, what is all this about?

Doctor: Well... it'll be difficult to accept, I warn you.

Ingram: Well, try me.

Doctor: Well, luckily, you are already familiar with the concept of stepping outside of space-time.

Ingram: I've lived with the concept for months.

Doctor: And I've lived with it for many long years. I've been there.

Ingram: Youhave?

Doctor: Yes, I have. Strange place it is, too. Place that is no place. Dangerous place where... creatures live beyond your wildest imagination. Chronovores! Time-eaters! Who can swallow a life as quickly as a boa constrictor can swallow a rabbit... fur and all!

Ingram: Are you saying that... Kronos is one of these creatures?

Doctor: I am. The most fearsome of the lot!

Stuart: Help me! Help me! Help...

Jo: It's all right, it's all right, you're quite safe.

Stuart: Nobody's safe! No one's safe! Oh! He's here! He's... he's here! I saw him!

Ingram: Oh, the poor boy's delirious! Don't try to speak, Stuart, just rest.

Stuart: (overlapping) No... no... no...

Doctor: No, let him talk. Who did you see, Stuart? Answer me!

Stuart: Danger... Kr--Krs--Kr--Krs...

Ingram: Please, stop [can't make it out], please!

Doctor: Look, Stuart, who did you see?

Brigadier: Go easy, Doctor.

Jo: Doctor, please!

Doctor: Be quiet, both of you! Now, answer me! Who did you see? Answer me!

Stuart: Kr... Kr... Kr... Kronos!

Neophyte: Holiness! Holiness! Come quickly, the crystal is afire!

Krasis: At last! At last, Kronos, the time is come! And I await your call!

Master: Welcome! Welcome!

Krasis: I am Krasis, high priest of the temple of Poseidon in Atlantis!

Master: Poseidon? But surely Kronos is your lord!

Krasis: You would dare profane with your irreverant tongue the great secret? The mystery which no man dare speak? Who are you?

Master: I am the Master... Lord of Time, and ruler of Kronos.

Krasis: You lie! No one rules Kronos!

Master: I shall, with your help!

Krasis: You--

Master: And together we shall become masters of the universe!

(This out-of-time image came up briefly between the clips and Part 2.)

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