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Pledge-Week Pertwee Marathon (December 1986)

(end theme in background throughout)

Announcer: Have you ever wished you could watch Doctor Whoevery night of the week?

The Doctor: Well, the answer to your question's obvious, isn't it?

Announcer: But is it possible? Doctor Whoevery night of the week?

Brigade Leader: I advise you to try.

The Doctor: I can't, I literally can't. It'd create a cosmic disaster!

Announcer: But maybe, for just one glorious week...

The Doctor: The question is... where?

(with sound from "Inferno")

Announcer: Where else but on Channel 11?

Countdown voice: (fading up from background) ...seconds. All systems check for final countdown.

Announcer: Jon Pertwee's back, and to celebrate, we're having a week-long Doctor Whofest...

Announcer: ...beginning Monday, December 8, at 10:30! Don't miss it!

(close of end theme)

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