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The Green Death (airdates September 18 & 25, 1983)

Part 1 Intro: Wales has many delights. It has lovely, rolling, green hills, it has singing societies in great profusion, and a language of great charm, which is both incomprehensible and unpronounceable to those not born to it. Alas, now there is something to add to the above list, something horrible and deadly, something that can only be stopped by a Time Lord... ifhe is fortunate. That "something" is... "The Green Death."

Part 1 "Next Week": The full impact of "The Green Death" is too horrible for Earth minds to comprehend in the space of one night. Therefore, before our psyches are damaged by continued exposure, we end tonight's presentation. It will be continued next Sunday night at 11, when we are sufficiently recovered from the terrors of this evening. And now, to help you forget the way-out horrors of space, we present the way-out humor of The Two Ronnies,coming up next.


Part 2 Intro: (cut off on available copy) ...But sometimes, to some people-- mainly kids --green is not so hot: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and spinach. Then, there is... the horrible green, the deadly green, which the Doctor was trying to destroy when we parted company last week: the green of maggots and slime. Compared to that, Brussels sprouts are okay. But, unless the Doctor is successful, Brussels sprouts won't matter. Let us see now how he fares.

Part 2 "Next Week": And so we bid farewell to Jo Grant, who is now Jo Jones. Next week, we'll welcome Sarah Jane Smith, who will stick around for a while, and Lynx, Irongron, and Bloodaxe, among others, who will not. Even were I not to urge you, I feel confident you'll be here next Sunday night at 11 to meet "The Time Warrior." For now, let us seek amusement while we may, with The Two Ronnies,coming up next.

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