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The Time Warrior (airdate October 2, 1983)

Intro: [cut off on available copy] ...he didn't know about the Time Lords of Gallifrey. But they knew about him, and probably got a good chuckle out of what is still perceived by most Earthlings to be a profound truth. We, however, are among the cognoscenti. We will not bat an eye in discovering that a Sontaran captain has landed in mediaeval England, and has made a deal with a nasty robber chief named Irongron. We might raise an eyebrow, though, realizing this is the first appearance of Sarah Jane Smith, and the first time the name of the Time Lords' home planet has been mentioned. Much more will certainly transpire before we've seen the last of... "The Time Warrior."

"Next Week": Next week, a plague. Nothing so minor as the bubonic plague. Thisone has attacked all creatures in the galaxy. And guess who's behind it? Can you say (Dalek voice) "Exterminate?" (normal voice) There isan antidote. Unfortunately, it is to be found only on a planet which is inhabited by a savagely hostile and degenerate race. And who is the individual charged with getting it and saving humanity? Can you say "TARDIS?" Then be with us next Sunday at 9 for "Death to the Daleks."

(This odd reference to a 9:00 timeslot is unsupported by the Tribune, which has Death to the Daleks in the normal 11pm timeslot.)

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