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The Seeds of Death (airdates November 9 & 16, 1986)

Part 1 Intro: Everything on Earth moves by T-MAT. It's a great system... as long as it works. If someone or something icesthe system, the implications are terrifying, as we shall learn in part one of "The Seeds of Death."

Part 1 "Next Week": And what do you suppose is inside the bursting pods? Kiwi fruit? Rutabaga? Vichyssoise? We'll learn the sordid truth next Sunday night at 11, in the conclusion of "The Seeds of Death."

Part 2 Intro: On our green sphere, vegetation replenishes the oxygen supply. On Mars, there is quite a different effect, which bodes ill for those who may be exposed to... "The Seeds of Death."

Part 2 "Next Week": Next week, the first adventure that explains the Doctor's origins. Be with us next Sunday night at 11, when we enter "The War Games."

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