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The Monster of Peladon (airdates October 16 & 23, 1983)

Part 1 Intro: The Federation ambassador to Peladon, Alpha Centauri-- "Alfie" to his friends --may have to call in Federation troops to help settle the intricate and deadly problems on that embattled planet. But the Doctor is already working on it... which doesn't preclude his accepting a bit of help. After all, there's a great deal to contend with: Galaxy 5, the Ice Warriors, a traitor, and, of course, "The Monster of Peladon."

Part 1 "Next Week": As the more astute among you will have guessed by now, the difficulties with the monster, the Ice Warriors, Galaxy 5, et al, have not been entirely resolved at this time. Which means, obviously, a wait of one Earth week for the denouement. In terms of stellar time, that is less than a millionth of a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, for Earthlings, it will still seem like a week. Be with us next Sunday night at 11 for the conclusion of "The Monster of Peladon."

Part 2 Intro: Nature abhors a vacuum, and the Doctor detests an unfinished job. We've tried to explain to him that unless he can get the job done in two hours, we must insist on a week's hiatus, else we'd keep loyal Whoites awake till the wee hours of Monday morning. Alas, the Ice Warriors have proven to be very stubborn. But, I ween, they shall not last the night.

Part 2 "Next Week": Miss Muffet was frightened by a spider. I wonder how the poor dear would react to a giant spider. And how might she respond to an entire planetcrawling with spiders? How would yourespond? Test yourself! Join us next Sunday night at 11 for part one of "Planet of the Spiders."

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