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Planet of the Spiders (airdates June 21 & 28, 1987)

Part 1 Intro: [cut off on available recording] ...Three want their blue crystal back. But is Jo Grant about to give up her wedding present from the Doctor? Does she have a choice? We'll have the answers-- and more questions --in the fullness of time, as we journey to "Planet of the Spiders."

Part 1 "Next Week": Next week, the Doctor confronts the Great One, with devastating results to both. A Tibetan monk will facilitate a regeneration, and we all know what that will mean. Don't fail to be here next Sunday evening at 11 for the conclusion of "Planet of the Spiders."

(Part 2 Intro not currently available)

Part 2 "Next Week": Regeneration accomplished, the new Doctor will be with us for some time. But he has little time to spare before a group of scientific crackpots challenge him with the "Robot," next Sunday night at 11.

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