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Doctor Who Pledge (November 27, 1983)

(follows on from the ending announcement of The Sontaran Experiment. The announcer sits on an otherwise deserted pledge set.)

...This also gives us the opportunity to ask those of you who watch the program, and have not as yet subscribed, to do so. And if you haven't, and you've been watching all this time, and haven't subscribed, shame on you. All these other people are supporting Doctor Whoand making it possible for the program to be on the air, and you're just there, watching it and taking advantage of their generosity. Call us right now. I realize there are no operators here in the studio, but we do have another number, where there are lots of operators waiting to take your call, at [number deleted].

Many of the people who watch this program... are older folks, such as myself. And there's a large proportion that are younger. Uh, lot of college students, don't have a great deal of money they can spare. If you want to subscribe with $5... do it! Subscribe with $5! Every dollar helps. The number is [number deleted].

Now, you may have seen "The Five Doctors," so [sic] we broadcast it... last Wednesday night on the twentieth anniversary of the original broadcast of Doctor Who--it was seen all around the world, but here in Chicago, it was seen on Channel 11. If you saw it Wednesday, I'm sure you're going to want to see it again, because it too is a landmark program. And if you haven't seen it, certainlyyou're going to want to see it. And if you... have any friends who may have missed the program, and it's not too late of a Sunday night for them to be called up-- why, call them up and tell them. The number to call-- well, you know theirnumber. The number to subscribe is [number deleted].

Five Doctors Who: William Hartnell, Patnick-- Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison. And a new one who has just begun in England and the 21st season, and that would be Colin Baker-- no relation to Tom Baker. And perhaps we'll be seeing him in the United States one of these days; we hope so.

[Of course, the 21st season didn't actually begin until January 5, 1984, with Colin Baker making his first appearance on March 16. At this point, he was in fact several weeks away from even taping the regeneration!]

We hope that you've been watching Doctor Whofor the, oh, six years we've had him on now, and we hope we'll be able to continue to bring you Doctor Who,but a lot of that depends on you and your support. You've been very supportive of the program... as a group, Doctor Whoviewers, and we'd like you to continue it. I'll give you the phone number once more, it's [number deleted].


Now stay tuned. Our operators will remain on duty if you haven't gotten through yet, but the five Doctors Who are coming right now-- nothing will stop them! --the original and his four regenerations. Stay with us and enjoy it.

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